Woodland Wonders

“Woodland Wonders” Limited Edition A4 Fine Art Print, individually signed and numbered (limit of 25 prints). Please note that the artwork comes unframed – the artwork in image shown in a white frame.

Woodland Wonders was created using earth paints, pigments mindfully extracted from onion skins, pomegranate rinds and logwood bark chips. Using natural dyeing techniques to create my own watercolour paints, mixed with guar gum as a binder and clove oil to preserve, I had the most wonderful time creating ‘Woodland Wonders’.

Unsure of the colour fastness of the original piece due to the natural earth inks, I opted to release limited edition fine art prints (25 in total) of ‘Woodland Wonders’, printed on 100% Matt Cotton Medina, acid free, 320gsm archival textured paper to ensure the texture and depth from the original piece was preserved in the printing, and guaranteeing the longevity of the artwork.

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